Real Tobacco SA

Περιγραφή εταιρείας



Real Tobacco SA is a cigarette manufacturing company established in 2017. The two main shareholders are Openmark Bulgaria Ltd and Real Tobacco Trading FZE.

Openmark Bulgaria Ltd based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is established in 2010 with main scope of business design, marketing, brand creation, brand development, consulting and project management focused on the food, wine and tobacco industry.

Real Tobacco Trading FZE is a UAE based company registered with special purpose – ownership, shares holding and asset management covering mainly the activities related to Real Tobacco SA.

Implementing the latest state-of-the-art technology, Real Tobacco SA specializes in manufacturing high-quality cigarettes, packed in new and innovative ‘Multilock’ (hermetical & re-closable) packs.
The new Multilock packing has proven to keep the cigarettes fresh even after opening the pack. Multilock packing also guarantees up to two times longer shelf life of the product. These advantages make our Multilock products more attractive to both smokers and distributors.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with extensive background and deep expertise in all aspects of cigarette manufacturing, coming from some of the world-leading tobacco companies. By applying the best practices of the tobacco industry, we ensure the highest quality standards of our processes and our products.
The unique products manufactured by Real Tobacco SA are a combination of excellent varieties of tobaccos, latest innovation and modern technology, and proud tradition.