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Why Jobistas is the best solution for your needs
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Customized Recruitment Solutions

Our approach is centered on creating recruitment strategies that are specifically tailored to meet your unique business needs and culture, ensuring a perfect fit between your company and our candidates.

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Premier Candidate

We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality candidates, utilizing a meticulous screening process to ensure that they not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Exceptional Client

Experience unparalleled client service, with comprehensive support before, during and after the recruitment process to ensure smooth integration and customer satisfaction.

About Us
Our Story, our people and our values drive us forward!

Do you need us to search and find the appropriate candidate for your needs;

Jobistas is offering  a full recruiting services package for employers. For more information please follow the link below.


How should i choose the right candidate;

Jobistas can help you create the right job post, advise you about possible interview questions and hiring procedure, consult your company how to build employer branding that will improve you company’s ability to attract talented candidates on a long term basis . For more info follow the link below.


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Questions and Answers

Find some frequently asked questions about Jobistas!

At Jobistas, we not only initiate active headhunting directly, prioritizing fresh and dynamic talent, but we also dedicate time to thoroughly understand our clients' unique needs and culture. Trust us, and you'll be surprised by the exceptional quality of candidates we deliver.

Our recruitment approach is rooted in strategic preparation, ensuring a high success rate in candidate-employer matches through meticulous screening and negotiation.

While we have a proven track record in the manufacturing sector, our commitment extends to mastering diverse industries to meet your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on presenting exceptional candidates within three weeks, streamlining your hiring process.

Confidentiality and Data Protection: Jobistas adheres to stringent data protection protocols, ensuring all client and candidate information is handled with the utmost discretion and security.

Cost Structure: Our pricing reflects the value of personalized recruitment services, focusing on the quality of outcomes rather than just the hours spent.

Jobistas excels in sourcing top-tier executives and senior-level professionals, with a portfolio that speaks to our expertise across various white-collar roles.

Recruitment Process: Our end-to-end recruitment solution encompasses initial consultation, targeted headhunting, comprehensive screening, and seamless integration of new hires.

Post-placement, Jobistas offers robust onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition for both the candidate and your team.

We welcome the opportunity for an introductory meeting to understand your unique needs and explore how Jobistas can contribute to your success.



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